Hi, we are Jim and Mary Lefler. Our farm is located in Mount Ulla, North Carolina. Mount Ulla is located north of Charlotte, North Carolina.
   Facing retirement, Jim and I  wanted to make sure that whatever we decided to do would be fun. We've always loved animals and when we saw Miniature Horses it was love at first sight. We knew that this was what we wanted to do.
We were fortunate enough to meet Wade Burns and Jon Woodring of Lucky Four Farms. Under their guidance we got off to a good start. My daughter, Susan, and I spent many weekends at their farm absorbing all the information we could about these endearing little horses.
   When we finally got our first Minis, I was quite concerned about their safety in the pastures. I just knew that a stray dog would hurt one of our little darlings. I first thought of getting a donkey for protection. In my studies I found that Llamas make excellent guard animals. I felt this would be the perfect solution. I'd get a llama. Wrong! You can't have a single llama. They are very social animals and need a "buddy". This was the beginning of our llama herd.
   Our daughter and her family live next door to us and are a great help with the farm and animals. Actually our grandchildren adore the animals and are a great help caring for them. Aubrey can tell you more about them than we can.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy our site! Please make yourself at home!
"Home of World Champions"